Where can you find the biggest carp in Spain? The answer is here.

some of the top spanish lakes for wild CARP

Carp Fishing Lake – Orellana – Extremadura

Spain rides in thousands of bucket list. It’s a dream destination for massive wild carp and has been   since the 80’s.

During the 80’s pioneering legends like Kevin Maddocks and Rod Hutchinson left their local British lakes, canals and rivers, where they may have caught an occasional 13kg carp, on a quest to qualify rumor, debunk the myths and catch one of the 30kg beasts that lurked within the massive Spanish inland sea.

That was more than 30 years ago and things have not changed much, France maybe over exposed, yet still sits on the sideline offering those in search of some real wild carp waters the ultimate challenge.

So ,what we have done is compile from the inside out our top list of top quality wild lakes which offer some of the best of carp fishing in Spain today. If your looking for sun and southern monsters, we have it, and if we don’t then Extremadura does!

Big Carp Caught from Orellana

Carp Fising Lake – Horno Tejero – Extremadura

Another lake in Extremadura, with fish of dust bin dimensions. The lake comprises of approx 36 swims, in parts surrounded by large eucalyptus trees.Around about 7 years ago the lake was hit the Carp Verenia disease. This wiped out thousands of carp from 10-20kg. What we have now is a lake that is stuffed with crayfish, and life, and very few carp left. It’s the ultimate challenge for any angler in Spain, and known to be the most difficult lake in Spain, however when your alarm goes, you better prepare yourself as it’s rare that fish of less than 20kg get caught. Due to the massive populations of cray now the carp have packed on some serious weight naturally, making this lake more and more popular and at the same time a huge challenge as many of the swims have snags, and submerged trees.

Carp Fishing Lake – Sierra Brava, Extremadura

As history goes, this lake has been on the top of the list for monster carp in Spain a good while. Many guides have fished here, and countless big scaley Spanish carp have been caught, and still are. The lake is full of trees and snags, it is the kind of lake that you look at, and you can imagine a saber tooth tiger walking about in the background. It’s just an incredible water, with rocks, snags, and big Spanish carp. The lake record can vary, but fish of up to 27kg have been caught and are very well noted. The most famous of the named fish caught from Sierra Brava was caught several times from the same swim, it was a resident fish and her name was  Ramona. You can see La Ramona Carp caught a few years back with a staggering wild weight of 27,1kg.